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Laplander Blonde


Laplander [lăp•lănd•er]: A passenger on a crowded train who falls and lands in someone’s lap

Malty and sweet with a fruity character, this medium-to-light beer finishes dry with hints of citrus, resin, cedar and marmalade. A slight bitterness balances out the malt. Enjoy it any time of day—on a boat, at the course, wherever you feel the thrill of fresh air on your face.

Blonde ales were a lighter version of other popular English style beers like porters, browns, and pales. Blondes are lighter in color and have less bitterness. The use of caramel malts and other darker malts is not seen in this style. In the States blonde ales have become a great alternative to mass produced light beers. They are easy drinking and thirst quenching.

CedarCitrus TartnessDry FinishMarmalade/OrangeSweet & Malty


Blonde Ale








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