September 13, 2019


Brewing Industry Nationwide Coming Together to Fund The Cure For Childhood Cancer

September 13, 2019– Four Day Ray Brewing ( is proud to announce our partnership with Brewing Funds the Cure (BFTC) with the September release of Rising Hope IPA. 100% of the proceeds from this beer will go to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) to help save the lives of children battling cancer.  We are excited to be a part of this great cause and hope you will join us in our efforts! 

BFTC was crafted in Tampa, Florida when two breweries, Cigar City Brewing and Brew Bus Brewing, collaborated to help raise awareness for the need of more pediatric cancer research. Each brewery hosted fundraisers in their taprooms and donated the proceeds to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. In 2017, the idea of creating an exclusive signature brew of beer to promote awareness and raise funds for pediatric cancer research began to take shape and was born! By encouraging suppliers and vendors to donate ingredients, costs remained low and more proceeds from the sale of Rising Hope were able to be donated to help save the lives of children battling cancer. That year in 2017, over $30,000 was raised!

In 2018, 5 additional breweries from across the country (New England to Hawaii) created their version of Rising Hope and implemented other unique ways to generate proceeds through events and give backs.

In 2019, the NPCF announced a program to engage the entire brew community by challenging all to be a part of Brewing Funds the Cure. Since Four Day Ray Brewing opened in 2016, giving back to our community has been one of our core values. We have made it our mission to contribute to charitable causes that make a difference locally and globally, and we are proud to accept this challenge. During the month of September, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from each pint of Rising Hope IPA purchased in our tasting room and restaurant to NPCF. Rising Hope IPA has tropical notes from the hops with flavors of tangerine and passion fruit.

Through the efforts and donations from the Country Malt Group, Yakima Hops, Oregon Fruit and of course Cigar City Brewing and Brew Bus, a standard recipe for Rising Hope has been developed for 2019! Created for both draught and cans, Rising Hope will be served and distributed through exclusive partners in all 50 states! All participating breweries, including Four Day Ray Brewing, will be brewing & releasing Rising Hope in September which is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. All Rising Hope Breweries and Brewing Funds the Cure Partners will continually be updated on the virtual map at

Why is this important?

·        Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease among children.

·        43 children per day are expected to be diagnosed with cancer.

·        Only 4% of the billions of dollars that are spent annually on cancer research and treatments are directed towards treating childhood cancer.

·        More than 95% of those who survive childhood cancer will have a significant health related issue by the time they are 45 as a result of being treated with drugs designed for adults.

How to Get Involved with Brewing Funds The Cure


Organizations can join Brewing Funds the Cure by going to the NPCF’s Brewing Funds the Cure website to donate and/or pledge to fundraise

Individuals can also donate to the cause through website or text – BREW to 50155

Purchase a pint of Rising Hope IPA at Four Day Ray during the month of September.

Get Social:

Follow @brewingfundsthecure on Instagram! Tag them, message them, and use #brewingfundsthecure to get involved and help promote BFTC!

About the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation:

The NPCF has received a perfect 100% score for financial health and transparency and is recognized as the top-rated cancer charity in the U.S. by Charity Navigator.

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer through the Sunshine Project, the Foundation’s collaborative research initiative. By partnering with doctors and researchers from the country’s top institutions, the Sunshine Project is fast-tracking the development of new drugs and therapies that will ultimately lead to the cure of childhood cancers. For more information, visit

About Four Day Ray Brewing:

Four Day Ray Brewing is a 15-barrel Gastropub located in Fishers, Indiana producing award winning beers that are constantly rotating in their 24-tap tasting room. They strive for consistency and have an exceptionally high standard of quality in every batch they brew. Both their brewery & restaurant are very visual spaces with garage doors that open providing a unique open-air experience. Their restaurant is kid-friendly, and their beer garden is dog friendly. Their name recalls their Nickel Plate heritage, drawn from railroad slang for an employee who habitually calls off work one day a week. They believe life is too short to be spent at the workbench. Take the day to slow down, have an adventure, and celebrate life with family and friends. They believe “today is a good day for a beer.”


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