July 23, 2020


In February 2020 in partnership with Nickel Plate Arts, we did a call out for mural artist proposals to design and produce a piece for our interior entrance wall. We are thrilled to announce we have selected Megan Hutchins as our featured artist.

Megan graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and specialized in graphic design. She was a designer for a few years and then started a family. After 5 children and an active household, she became "creatively bored" and decided to make a metallic art piece for her home. She failed after numerous attempts. It was then she decided she could hit a nail in wood. She grabbed her grandfather's ball peen hammer from their garage and her craft was born.

She has sold work all over the U.S., set-up in numerous shows and fairs, and is a featured artist at CCA Gallery in Carmel. She specializes in custom pieces, especially city skylines, and corporate logos for large and small-scale walls.

She drills each hole, cuts the wood, sands, stains, and creates each piece by hand using her Grandfather’s hammer to place each nail into its final place.

Installation of the final piece is slated for late summer 2020. 

Learn more about Megan: meganhutchinsart.com

Proposed concept image for the piece:

Work in progress:

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