June 08, 2020


UPDATED - Growler Fill Policies

Dine-In Service Orders

Our growler fill policies are back to normal for dine-in business. We will resume filling all outside growlers. If you need a glass growler our standard Four Day Ray glass growlers are $6. 

Curbside Carryout Orders: 

If you place an order online for curbside carryout, we are ONLY accepting and filling Four Day Ray glass growlers. This process is in place to ensure all items are ready for carryout at the time of pick-up. If you currently have a standard Four Day Ray glass growler, please bring it in and we will swap out your existing growler with a new one for no fee. If you currently do not have a Four Day Ray growler new glass is $6. 

Four Day Ray Growler Swap & Refund Policy: 

Beginning 6/8 new glass is $6. We are continuing to honor our COVID-19 Four Day Ray Glass Growler Swap Program policy. If at any time you return your Four Day Ray glass growler you will be refunded $2.75. 




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